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COVID-19 Has taken a terrible toll on residents and businesses.  And incumbent District 7 Board Member Steve Carlson of Grandwood Park points  out that this is just the beginning: Lake County officials need to be ready to make tough decisions.   We believe Carlson’s experience – coupled with a compassionate yet realistic approach – makes him best suited to face the challenges ahead.  Carlson, a Republican, has a strong record of accomplishments, including his efforts to launch 211 Lake County, a 24 hour information and referral hotline.  Plus, he has shown a willingness to work across the aisle and demonstrated respect for differing ideas.  We have enthusiastically endorsed Carlson in the past.  We do so again.

— Daily Herald, September 25, 2020

I have known Steve Carlson for a number of years through our joint efforts to support the Lake County community. As an example, this recently culminated in the introduction of the new 211 service by United Way of Lake County and a diverse coalition of community partners. Steve along with his colleagues from all parties spearheaded the Lake County government's leadership role in this and many other projects. As a public servant with an unmatched record of practical successes for the people of Lake County during his 17 years on the County Board, I urge you to support Steve's campaign for reelection.

— Andrew Warrington, Former Board Chair, United Way of Lake County

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 150 is a proud labor union with a long history of representing the interests of working men and women on the job, at the bargaining table, and in the halls of gove4nment.  In addition to workers’ rights, we value commitment to a strong and reliable infrastructure that supports Illinois' economy and creates job opportunities in every industry.

I am proud to inform you that IUOE Local 150 has endorsed your candidacy for County Board in the upcoming election, and this endorsement will be communicated to our membership.

Hardworking Illinoisans are counting on determined leaders to protect their rights and ensure that we have a safe infrastructure that is a strength rather than a weakness when it comes to economic activity and job creation.

Good luck in the upcoming election

In Solidarity,

James M. Sweeney, President-Business Manager



— IUOE lOCAL 150

I have worked with Steve on a number of community issues over the years. I have found him to be a thoughtful leader who listens carefully and makes decisions based on the best interests of the people he serves. Steve is an old fashioned Republican: fiscally conservative, defender of the environment, seeker of the common good, and willing to work across party lines. If I lived in his district, I would vote for Steve. — Eileen Shanley-Roberts

I have counted on Steve Carlson’s common sense leadership on the Lake County Board for many years. He has lead the way on health department issues, and the 211 emergency line for those less fortunate. When Warren Township was having permit issues on our senior expansion, Steve was there to help with the bureaucracy. I have great respect for the attention he pays to his district and Lake County as a whole. The residents of district 7 could not ask for a better representative on the county board and I give him my heartfelt endorsement.

— Suzanne Simpson, Warren Township Supervisor

I have known and worked with Steve for many years. I know him to be a man of integrity who always puts his constituents first. He is the type of representative we hope we can find when we think about public service. He is always responsive and will work to find solutions with Federal, State or local entities. Steve is a straight shooter and a valued member of the Lake County Board. I hope you give him the honor to serve District 7 again. He deserves your support.

— Bob Dold, former congressman, 10th District

I have had the privilege of serving with Steve for 10 years on the Lake County Board.  He is dedicated to his constituents as well as what is best for Lake County as a whole.
He is very passionate about issues that he believes in and works tirelessly to make sure they come to fruition.  A great example is the recently 211 launch in Lake County.  Steve worked extremely hard to make this happen.
District 7 will be in very good hands with Steve as your Board Member. — Linda Pedersen, Lake County Board, District 1

As the Mayor of Gurnee I have worked closely with our County Board Commissioner Steve Carlson for many years. Steve is an exemplary Commissioner and exactly the type of representation we need locally. He’s responsive to any call I place to him asking for help on a matter related to unincorporated areas within the Village boundaries. He acts swiftly to resolve it and keeps me informed on progress. Steve’s hard work and dedication to bring the new 2-1-1- Crisis line to all Lake County residents is a testament to his ability to collaborate and secure consensus to improve lives in a meaningful way. His passion, willingly long hours working or responding to residents combined with a conservative approach on fiscal matters truly has benefited us, his district and the County. I am pleased to endorse Steve for re-election so he can continue working hard and productively in our District.

— Kristina Kovarik, Mayor of Gurnee

I had the pleasure of working with Steve when I was a State Representative for 12 1/2 years. Steve was a hardworking member of the County Board who always put his District first. Steve and I had an open line of communication He would let me know if a piece of legislation would be beneficial for his district or not. When walking his district with him I was amazed at how many people he knew by first name and would stop and get thanked for watching out for them. Steve is a valued member of our County Board and should be welcomed back with your vote. — JoAnn Osmond, former State Representative

I had the pleasure of working with Steve when I was the President of the Village of Third Lake. During my 12-year tenure as President, Steve was always available and willing to provide assistance. I have found that when Steve says he will do something, he does it. He is a man of his word. The Village residents wanted a direct bicycle path entry to Rollins Savanna. Steve worked relentlessly with us to get the direct bicycle path. After several years of meetings and presenting alternative proposals, the Village was successful in obtaining the bicycle path. This success would not have been possible without Steve’s help. The residents of District 7 could not ask for a better representative on the County Board. I urge you to vote for Steve in the upcoming election.

— Gary Beggan, former Mayor of Third Lake

I am thankful to call Steve Carlson my Lake County Board representative. He makes sound decisions that reflect the well-being of the Lake County community. Just one example is his proposal to spend tax dollars earned on video gaming in unincorporated areas of Lake County on gambling addiction/behavioral health services. Steve Carlson is a forward-thinking asset to Lake County. — Laura Ramirez

I am proud to have known Steve Carlson since shortly after I moved here in 1996 from DuPage County, where the politicians are very aloof, self-involved and absent until just before they are campaigning to get re-elected. Steve is quite the opposite – very personable, always available and working tirelessly for our county and communities. What sets Steve apart is his willingness to get involved in local community issues as well as county-wide problems. My first experience working with Steve involved the proposed re-zoning of the farm property just south of Deerpath, which ultimately became the Stratton Oaks subdivision. The original proposal called for re-zoning the portion of the property bordering Rt. 45 as retail with the remainder of the property zoned as residential.  In essence, the property would lay vacant, an eyesore, until the seller could find someone willing to put in a strip mall.  After a long battle, with Steve’s help and experience we convinced the sellers to allow the entire property to be re-zoned residential. Steve has received many endorsements applauding his recent accomplishments such as the new 211 Crisis Line and the Grandwood Park Lake Dam, and rightly so! However, don’t forget his many other accomplishments over his 17-year tenure on the Lake County Board, including his efforts to help defeat the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) proposed “Village Green” shopping center and high-density residential complex, which would have bordered Rt. 45 and Grand Ave. [Rt. 132]. The proposal would have helped the Lindenhurst municipality through increased sales tax revenue, but rob local school districts of the increased real-estate tax revenue needed to help pay for additional students residing in the proposed residential complex. Also don’t forget his efforts over the long term to support projects such as the Milburn Bypass, which was completed and opened just this past year. Steve is a moderate Republican, who has retained the traditional values of fiscal responsibility, self-reliance, conservation and supporting individuals and their ability to get ahead thru hard work and fair business entrepreneurship. Yet, he has always fostered bipartisanship, reaching across the isle to Democrats willing to work together, compromising where necessary, for the good of Lake County and its residents. In this era of unprecedented political bickering and party loyalty over common sense [and sometimes in defiance of the rule of law] at both the state and national level, it is refreshing to find Steve fighting for what is right, decent and morally just for the benefit of all his constituents and all of the residents of Lake County. I would never have expected anything less from him. NOW MORE THAN EVER, we need Steve representing us as 7th District Lake County Board Member! Please join me in supporting Steve and his election efforts.

Brian Morrissey, Deerpath homeowner and resident since its inception

— Brian Morrissey, Deerpath resident.

When I first met Steve he was running for his first term on the Lake County Board. At the same time, I was volunteering on our HOA Board in Bridlewood. Steve instantly became a friend and an asset to our community and he remains so today. Over the years he has been an extremely valuable resource when it came to resolving issues impacting our neighbors. He was usually able to help me resolve any question with one call. If not, he would always go the extra mile to help us find a resolution. I know Steve has done the same for many other communities and constituents in his district and beyond. He truly believes Public Service means being a good neighbor first. Steve is a very good neighbor. We have been lucky to have Steve as a Lake Co unty Board member for all these years. He will continue to serve with integrity, a strong character, and the compassion needed today. — Teri Grossi

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Steve Carlson for over 20 years. Steve has always been responsive to any assistance I have requested from him for Warren Township Highway Department. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Steve. He is very dedicated and fair to all of Lake County.

— Amy Sarver, Warren Township Highway Comissioner

We need a County Board Commissioner that is a fiscal watchdog and prudently focuses our tax dollars on infrastructure such as roads and essential services such as sheriff and emergency communications departments. I am pleased to endorse Steve Carlson as my County Board Representative.

— Karen Thorstensen, Gurnee Village Trustee

While Steve will tell you, "he is a politician" and proud of it, he is more than just someone who "is a holder of, or a candidate for an elected office" by definition. I have had the honor and pleasure to work alongside Steve for over 15-years promoting the health and well-being of those who work, live and play in Lake County. Steve's passion for so many facets of the needs in Lake County is derived from being a professional who cares about people. He doesn't talk about making a difference, he makes a difference. Whether it was supporting Smoke Free Lake County and facing critics who thought it would be detrimental to businesses in Lake County....and where are we now?, to the support of our new partnership with the United Way of Lake County and launching 2-1-1 (many have already commented on that - it shows the impact!!), Steve isn't afraid to engage and make it happen. His engagement is through listening and practical approaches to problem solving. His ability to mediate in the midst of lines drawn in the sand and caring not only for those living in his district, but for everyone in the county is exemplary. He wants to improve transportation to assist those in need of access to healthcare, he works to help our veterans, he supports our need to work on behavioral health issues and more. While many would say he has accomplished a lot, he's not done serving yet and needs to be part of the continued success of Lake County.

— Timothy Sashko

I am a proud Democrat.  Steve Republican.  Having said that, at a time where our body politic has ben so polarized, Steve brings a sense of comity not often seen today.  That, along with his wealth of experience and institutional knowledge that can’t be duplicated, makes Steve Carlson the perfect choice.  The County of Lake is fortunate to have Steve on the Board and would be best served with his continued service.

— Jim Walz, former congressional candidate

I am most happy to endorse Steve Carlson to continue as a member of Lake County Board. His 17 years of service in the 7th District have reaped tangible results for all of us.  Steve’s “can do” work ethic resulted in the new crisis hot line 211, opposing video gaming as well as the Hwy 53 expansion.

Steve is a guy who will listen to all sides, answer his own phone, and get back to you with an answer in a timely fashion. He sincerely cares about our community and is glad to attend HOA meetings or village forums on homelessness.

Because Steve is a moderate Republican (why is Lake County Board partisan anyway?), the local GOP leaders put up an opponent against him. This is what he gets for being available to all constituents working across party affiliations for the betterment of our district.

My husband Bill and I urge you to vote for Steve Carlson! 

— Bill and Jill Ballock

I've known Steve for a few decades. I spent over 25 years on the Board of the Bridlewood Homeowners Association. Over the years, situations would come up where we needed help from different areas of Lake County. Not being able to spend a lot of time working through the bureaucracy to find the solution, we would reach out to Steve for assistance. Many times, Steve would spend an hour of his time attending our Homeowners Association meetings. There was NEVER a time that Steve would not offer to assist and the fact is...he would always help us get to the answer. Progress. Support. Caring. These are the words that describe Steve and why I will be supporting him for another term to continue to help us, the residents of Lake County. Mark Hoppe — Mark Hoppe, Bridlewood resident

I am proud to have known Steve Carlson for my 14 years as Trustee for Warren Township. I have found Steve to be a person of high moral standards. He has always been willing to roll up his sleeves and work a problem while listening to both sides and coming to an understanding and conclusion that is good for all the people of Warren Township and Lake County. Please support Steve Carlson as I will in his running for re-election as Lake County Board member of the 7th District. He has done us all proud and I am sure he will continue to do so.

— Mike Semmerling, Warren Township Trustee

I have known Steve for many years. He has always struck me as someone who is thoughtful, caring, pragmatic, well informed and someone who really gets what public service is all about....

— Jim Sula, Chairman - Village of Gurnee Planning & Zoning Board

I met Steve Carlson many years ago when he knocked on my door during his first campaign for Lake County Board, I was impressed with his enthusiasm and sincerity. In the years since, we have become friends. Steve works tirelessly for the people in his district and the people of Lake County. He is smart, honest and genuine. I strongly endorse this fine man and am proud to call him my friend. Steve Carlson has earned our votes. — Steve Dieck, Deerpath resident

I have worked with Steve Carlson on many important issues over the past 12 years including the Winchester House Advisory Board. I endorse Steve because of his commitment to smart and effective government that serves taxpayers AND protects vulnerable people in Lake County. Steve is an experienced leader on the Lake County Board who has worked collaboratively with his colleagues for the common good. Please support Steve’s campaign for reelection. — Michael Knight

Steve has accomplished so much while in office and we need to keep him there! His support in bringing 211 to Lake County is the issue I care most about. He worked so hard to raise the funds, make sure other elected officials understood how this "hotline" could make people's lives better in Lake County and has been a vocal supporter of this critical service. I admire Steve's conservative view on finances while embracing services that support Lake County individuals and families. He is a "straight shooter" and I have always found him to be a man of his word. He's a great guy and we need to keep him in office so he can work for all of us!

— Kristi Long, CEO, Lake County United Way

It is a privilege and an honor for me to serve on the Winchester House Advisory Board. I am incredibly thankful to be part of this journey of more than a decade and served as Chair until a move to Minnesota as of September 1 of 2017. I am grateful to continue to be a member of the Advisory Board and to be part of this wonderful team. Five of the current members of the Advisory Board have served from inception. We have worked through numerous issues and challenges. Throughout this entire span of time, the Lake County Board, Leadership and Administration have been incredibly supportive. The consistent passion of Lake County United has been wonderful to see in action. The involvement of Libertyville, Mundelein and communities and individuals throughout Lake County has been outstanding.

In particular, I am very, very thankful for Steve Carlson for his service on the Winchester House Advisory Board and his continuing support of next steps throughout the years as he served and continues to serve as a Lake County Board Member. So very thankful for that first get acquainted visit with Steve years ago and for the opportunity to be part of the Winchester House Advisory Board. Steve’s passion for Winchester House has made a wonderful difference through the years in the lives of Winchester House residents and families. He has worked through issues and challenges in ways that respects the view of others while keeping the main thing the main thing. He continues to be 100% focused on honoring elders and respecting them. I greatly admire Steve’s passion and determination to stay the course on this multi-year adventure. I eagerly look forward to the day when the course is finished and when we can celebrate a Grand Opening of a transitional care center that will be a centerpiece of service to Lake County residents consistent with the mission of Winchester House (going all the way back to 1850) in the days and years to come.

— Ric Olson, former Chair, Winchester House Advisory Board

We met Steve several years ago while our public library board was in the news – and not in a good way. It became clear that the only way to get the board of trustees back on an even keel was to support and elect trustee candidates who had the best interest of the library at heart. Steve was a guiding light for our grass-roots efforts – providing wise counsel and constant encouragement. Steve was with us every step of the way. When we prevailed, Steve celebrated with us. The more we’ve gotten to know Steve, the more certain we are that he is the best person to represent our district on the County Board. We support him 100%.

— Ray and Diana Vickery, former Library Trusstee

I have known Steve Carlson for a number of years. His numerous accomplishments as our District 7 representative speaks volumes to his hard work and dedication. Steve is always available to assist his many constituents within  our district with interest and concern. With his 17 years of experience as our county board commissioner with vast committee representations, we need his knowledge, energy and solid work ethic to continue. Please join me in supporting Steve with his re-election bid for District 7 Lake County Board.” 

— Dan Stolarik, Orchard Valley

I have known and respected the work Steve Carlson has accomplished on the county board for decades. Steve works with everyone no matter their political persuasion. He listens thoughtfully to a person's position, factors in his own, weighs out the facts and helps facilitate the right answers to help his constituents and the people of Lake County. He is constituents first, surrounded by priorities of what is best for Lake County, what is the right answer, what is best for the future and what is best for everyone concerned . I wholeheartedly endorse Steve Carlson for District seven representative for Lake County board. There can be no better choice

— Judy Armstrong

Steve Carlson has been a trusted supporter of the campaign to protect Lake County’s tax- and toll-payers, and its environment, from the Rt. 53/120 extension. While others refused to admit that a $1.3B shortfall for a $2.7B road through sensitive wetlands is still a bad idea – after 50 years of studies, Steve spoke out against 53/120, in favor of affordable and sustainable alternatives that can actually be done. Some Lake County officials have been getting elected for years by not saying “No” to that fabled road, or worse yet, pretending that it would solve our transportation problems. When it would have been easier for Steve to keep his head down, he did what was right for the County. His constituents are lucky to have him. — Evan Craig

I have worked with Steve for over 11 years and, as someone who works with elected officials every day, I can vouch for the fact that Steve is the best of the best. In these days of hyper-partisan politics, it is so refreshing to work with an elected official who puts PEOPLE and doing what is RIGHT ahead of politics. Steve will listen to anyone, weigh the facts and interests of the greatest good and make a fair decision every time. He fought for years - almost alone - to get the 211 service we now have in Lake County so that people can get connected with needed services. He never gave up the fight to make it easier for Lake County residents to get the help they need. That's who he is. He is a good man and, in my opinion, we need many more like him representing us. The people of Lake County could not ask for a better representative.

— Barbara Klipp

Steve Carlson is a great example of someone who cares about our community. He is a huge supporter of the Grandwood Park Civic Association and is a strong advocate for our community. He is always the first to volunteer when needed and to give advice when asked.

— Meghan Dawson, President, Grandwood Park Civic Association
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